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          NEWS  |  Connect us Welcome to  foshan ChiHu furniture official website        High-end theater seat supplier        24 hour business consultation hotline:  400-8642-888     0757-233888
          • Multifunctional sofa purchase skills

            Multifunctional sofa purchase skills

            The multifunctional sofa is comfortable and not occupied, which is one of the prerequisites for small home decoration. There are many small multifunctional sofa beds on the market. What furniture is suitable for your home?

          • Product Features of Foshan Auditorium Chair Production Base

            Product Features of Foshan Auditorium Chair Production Base

            The seat and back sponge of the auditorium chair: real material, high resilience, never deformed. It adopts aluminum alloy mold and high-quality PU foam material and high-density cold foaming to shape.

          • Matters needing attention when designing auditorium chairs

            Matters needing attention when designing auditorium chairs

            Today, manufacturers tell everyone what to pay attention to when designing auditorium chairs. Many schools and communities have built more and more small theaters. Although they contain the same theater architectural elements at the micro level, their sizes vary greatly.

          • Maintenance method of luxury functional sofa

            Maintenance method of luxury functional sofa

            Function sofa manual and electric introduction: The common one is the functional sofa: there are two types, one: manual function extension, manual function can also be equipped with shaking and rotating function sofa, there is another kind: electric function extension, electric function can also bring both shaking and rotation Features......

          Foshan ChiHu furniture Co., Ltd. is located in Longjiang, Shunde, the key town of furniture production. Since its establishment, the company has perfect production fluency and practical operation experience, professional design team, quality after-sales service, the products and services to achieve "high quality, high quality, high requirements.

          The product design conforms to the principle of human body engineering, continuously integrates the strong elegant fashion, the shape perfect design idea, in each product, the money is fine, the little bit of thought, for the unceasing pursuit of taste, the pursuit of perfect you, creates the ideal and comfortable environment.

          The company's product sales network covers most of the domestic areas, and exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia and other countries, the company has always adhered to the "good faith, quality first" business philosophy, strictly control every production process, strictly implement every test standard, to ensure the quality of each link handicraft superior!
          Foshan ChiHu Furniture Co., Ltd. provides you with customized services of theater VIP sofa, theater seat, couple seat, auditorium chair and other sofa seats. Our products are diversified in style, and our sales network covers most areas of China to ensure the superior quality of crafts in each link.
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